America Bullied a Bully into the White House

We did it. We elected Donald Trump as President of the United States. We let a misogynist and a bigot win on a platform fueled by racism and hate. We jeopardized our environment, our economy and most importantly our basic human rights, and we did so by failing to cover the issues that truly matter most….


For probably a couple months now, maybe longer, I’ve been having numerous dreams that usually followed a similar theme. In every dream I had, my friends would always be around me, and we’d always be partying somewhere. Every dream was a different scenario. One time my friends were with me at my cousin’s house, which…

#JeSuisCharlie: Solidarity or Hypocrisy?

There is a hypocritical behavior in our culture when it comes to collective empathetic responses. We are hypersensitive to what we think of as terrorist attacks in the West, and I think that with all of the recent protests for civil rights and against police brutality, people are increasingly inclined to show support and solidarity through the…

Should We Still Believe in Santa Claus?

Tis’ the season. You can spot the jolly old image of Saint Nick anywhere now.  He’s been broadcast all over the internet, displayed all over products and advertisements and portrayed by a countless number of men in malls, Christmas parties and that one uncle who always disappears right as its getting close to bed time….