Meet the Team

imageBryant Rogers: Founder and Chief Content Manager

After graduating from Kent State University with a Bachelor’s degree in English, Bryant started LSD as an attempt to build a creative network around like-minded individuals. The website was developed as a social outlet for writers and artists to explore imaginative trends and pop culture styles.

With influence from national non-profit organizations such as Invisible Children and To Write Love on Her Arms, Bryant intends to utilize his network from Life’s So Dope to advocate human rights and social justice.

Ozie Ikuenobe

Ozie Ikuenobe: Co-Founder and Content Contributor

Ozie Ikuenobe is a writer/rapper/blogger, a graduate of Kent State University, and a co-founder of Life’s So Dope. Ozie hopes to use all these things as a way to creatively express himself, as well as helping to bring light to dope things in life.


Max Nobis: Journalist and Creative Writer

Max was born and raised in Jackson Township in Massillon, Ohio. After graduating from Jackson High School in 2013, Max began his undergraduate education at Kent State University and plans to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism in 2017.

Max is currently involved with many organizations, including UNICEF KSU, To Write Love On Her Arms, and has his own radio show, RapArt, which covers hip-hop and art news at Black Squirrel Radio. Max plans to utilize Life’s. So. Dope. as a creative outlet and to advocate the progression of humanity’s creativity in order to make the world a better place.

imageTroy Martin: Writer, Film Production/Review

As a junior Electronic Media Production major specifically focusing on screenwriting, Troy Martin likes to mainly focus his writings for Life’s.So.Dope on movies and TV.
Capitalizing on his school’s video production facilities, Troy works for the campus television network, TV2, as a writer, editor, and actor for a sketch comedy show titled Amateur Hour. Troy received the award for Best Sketch from TV2 for a sketch that he wrote and edited for the show in 2014.
In his spare time, Troy likes to write, edit videos for fun, watch movies, play his Xbox, and listen to some tunes while doing it all. Troy believes music is crucial to his writing because the way music tells a story in a melodic fashion is something that he admires and wants to convey that in his writings for the Life’s.So.Dope blog.

10850031_1392190481074242_7745447475516842376_n    Graeme pic

Andrew Baker and Graeme Mohan: Sports Analysts 

Andrew and Graeme both grew up in The Tree City of Kent, OH. They have known each other for about 15 years and decided it’s about time all their long sports conver​sations became something useful.

Andrew is graduating Kent State in August 2015 with a Commun​icatio​ns degree and Sports Admini​strati​on minor after three years of journalism classes.

Graeme also entered college as a journalism major, but is now set to graduate Kent State in 2017 with a degree in Secondary Education in English & Literature.

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  1. Your blog is dope, guys!

  2. sourgirlohio says:

    Hey, Locals! I am a Kent State grad as well! Nice blog!

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