Alright, It’s Time To Wake Up Now

Our species has been documented to have been around for over six million years and in the past two thousand years, all we’ve managed to do is destroy countless ecosystems and systematically oppress ourselves and every other known species on Earth.

It’s 2015 and it’s still a common “issue” that we debate over our own rights. We still wage  wars in the interests of markets and competing nation states and we fight over conflicting ideologies. We’re killing millions of ourselves all while casually wiping out all of the planets unique forms of life like it’s a hobby.

And some people are going to read that and be utterly offended, for whatever reason they can come up with besides guilt and it’s just insanely shameful. And I’m sorry I’m a bit audacious but it’s time we take responsibility as a whole.

We’re smart enough to do that now. We have reached that point.

We’ve come up with better economies, besides slavery to monetized debt.
We’ve designed better cities, built more sustainable housing, with better sustainable energy.

We have saved countless lives and could save millions more without hospitals being trap houses for the pharmaceutical industry and insurance companies.

We’ve taught in schools that didn’t enforce standardization and conformity; schools that can encourage individuality and purpose and morality and autonomy.

I mean no disrespect to our founding fathers when i say that we have incredible minds that can compose an updated, constitution better than the one written in 1787.

We have thought of better judicial systems and methods for dealing with crime and drugs.

We’ve innovated public, national and international transportation.

We are living in the future our fathers and mothers dreamed for us.

We have built 3d printers for corporations, and for the home, we have 3d printers that have produced limbs for the crippled and organs for the sick.

We sent a spacecraft to Ceres in seven years with pulsed plasma thrusters and an ion engine…

We’ve built cars that can fly, robots that can work, AI that can solve problems you can’t even think of, telescopes that can see depths of the universe we can’t even imagine.

Google can answer any questions that we may have, you can virtually learn how to do anything on YouTube, and you can share all of your thoughts and ideas and artwork online now.

We are connected now in a way that means we can’t continue to ignore that we are all the same…

We are all humans.
We must have empathy or we will lose everything we have built so far.

We are the forefathers of tomorrow, it is time that we set a better example, raise the bar for our children and grandchildren.

Abandon this hedonistic, material life.
Stop taking yourself for granted.

Be good simply because you can. Share what you have with those that have nothing.

Preach peace and love and practice what you preach.

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