I’m a terrible cook. It seems like every time I overcook pasta, they stick to the pot because they’re afraid of what I’ll do next to them. Just two weeks ago I almost burned my house down because of my faltered microwave skills of baking a potato.

I remember the first time I tried stir fry, I turned the stovetop on high and left the kitchen for just a minute only to hear an explosion in the kitchen. I turned to see a blazing fire on my frying pan and I screamed “Fire Fire Fire!” My vigilant counterpart jumped to grab the blazing pan, although I was standing right next to it. Our panic suddenly gave us short-term memory loss and we decided to put the grease fire with water, only to remember water makes grease fires much worse.

The best part of all this was our frantic running around the house with the pan put an end to the fire. All I could do is laugh after the fire found it’s end. Then I wondered: What would the world be like if chaos could be resolved by more chaos?

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