Album Review: A$AP Rocky-At. Long. Last. A$AP

Artists being influenced and inspired by drugs isn’t anything new, and A$AP Rocky is the latest artist to provide his take on it. While his music has always embodied this, At. Long. Last. A$AP is definitely an album that sees Rocky taking his influences, both psychedelic and musical, and finally painting the perfect picture of his vision as an artist.

The album starts off with “Holy Ghost,”  a song that could easily be one of Rocky’s best-written. His verse on it is an assessment of religion in America, the vices entertainers partake in and how it all comes full circle. From the very beginning of the album, Rocky makes his statements and opinions clear with lines like:

Satan givin’ out deals, finna own these rappers
The game is full of slaves and they mostly rappers
You sold your soul first, then your homies after
Let’s show these stupid field niggas they could own they masters.

The album goes on to display a potent mix of introspection, boundless confidence and numerous left-field ideas that make it an exciting listen. While some might say the album’s wide range of sounds aren’t cohesive, Rocky single-handedly brings them together with his versatile use of flows, complementary features and sharp lyricism throughout.

Songs like Electric Body, M’$ and Excuse Me are instant hits with infectious hooks, while more experimental tracks like “L$D,” “Max B,” “Dreams (Interlude)” and “Everyday” give the album a creative edge over a lot of music Rocky’s competitors are making.

One of the only things about this album that could be seen as an oversight is the exclusion of “Multiply” on the final track list. While it might’ve come months ahead of the rollout of the album, it’s dark sound and pointed jabs at people claiming his style fit the album’s vibe perfectly.

But something more crucial that was a loss to this album was A$AP Yams passing before seeing his and Rocky’s vision come to fruition. Sure enough he can rest well knowing A$AP has At Long Last Arrived.

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