Artist To Watch: King Mez

Even though 2015 has brought us quite a catalog of hip hop music thus far, there are still undiscovered and unheard artists that are contributing to the hip-hop culture. King Mez is one of those artists.

The North Carolina MC has already gained critical acclaim with his trio of mixtapes: The King’s Khrysis, The Everlasting Zeal, and last year’s Long Live The King. Mez’s distinct sound has helped him climb the ranks as one of the hottest MCs in the North Carolina underground scene In fact, Dr. Dre has noticed the rising rapper and reportedly has takeMEZ_n him in as his latest protégé.

However, all this hype doesn’t do any good unless it’s reflected in his music. And it is.

His vulnerable approach to his lyrics is admirable and thought-provoking as he reveals his daily struggles and scars from his past. He’s honest in his storytelling and it works well with the laid back beats that he either helps create or creates himself. His ability to focus on making music that touches people’s souls as opposed to making strictly club bangers is impressive for the 24-year-old.

Mez also has some impressive videos to accompany his music. “Can’t Let Go” provides excellent visuals to complement his music in order to reflect the honesty and truth behind his art. Summit Collective, the team Mez collaborates with for most of his videos, are giving fans a perfect visual into Mez’s head.

As 2015 has only begun, time will only tell how this young rapper’s story will play out. And I can’t wait to watch.

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