Is This Love?

Is This Love?

By Max Wells

Is there any truth to love? Is love even real?

Our minds construct these divine sculptures that Da Vinci would envy. Our hands create castles kings and queens would dream of that provide endless royalty and security.

Is this love?

Love escapes me. It leaves me in a dense forest in complete confusion and disarray. All of the weeping landscapes drain my soul until I’m depleted and left to decompose into the soil.

Is this love?

I tremble as I look at the colors and proportions. Silence pervades my atmosphere but speaks eternally. With a simper and a wink back into the glass.

Is this love?

A single casket for the one soul between two people. The attrition of the world is above us. As we sink to the bottom of the river where the river rocks cackle from the joyful tears

Is this Love?

The ultimate link to complete the chain. The final breath of the sun setting. The last ripple floats from my heart.

Is this love?

Love discomforts. Love empowers. Love creates. Love desecrates. Love is our breath. Love is death. Love is everything we need. Love is all I can ever be.

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