DC Comics extends Arrow-verse with New Animated Show Vixen

CW-seed has announced a new animated series titled Vixen (based on DC Comics). The series will be spearheaded by Arrow’s executive producer, Marc Guggenheim and will be in continuity with the live-action CW shows Arrow and The Flash.


Vixen, aka Mari Jiwe McCabe, is an African-born orphan whose mystical Tantu totem gives her the abilities of one animal at a time.

While there has been a lot of anticipation for DC’s Cinematic Universe to catch up to Marvel’s, it seems as though the Warner Bros.’ franchise is dominating the small screen. With shows spanning across major networks, Arrow/Flash (CW), Constatine (NBC), and Gotham (Fox) and upcoming shows in the works such as Greg Berlanti’s Supergirl (CBS), or the Superman prequel Krypton (SyFy), many people have begun speculating which, if any, of the new shows would fit into the continuity of the Arrowverse.

It is no surprise that DC is taking advantage of the recent success of The Flash and adding on to the universe they’ve built with Arrow, but the fact that Vixen is an animated show puts a unique spin on the continuity. I’m curious if we’ll see the live-action stars voicing their counterparts in the animate series, or if we’ll see some of the animated characters, such as Vixen appear in live-action form in the CW shows. Either way, we can expect big things for DC’s television shows this fall. Both Arrow and Flash have also been renewed for new seasons for 2015-2016.

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