Check It Out :: ONE BIG SESSION by Cleveland Artists YOUNG TROUBLED MINDS

Q. What do you call the wake & bake + breakfast + jamming to a dope ass mixtape?


A.One Big Session.

One Big Session is a new project recently released by local Cleveland artists Young Trouble Minds.

With tracks like “Roll Up”, “High Def”, and “So High the mixtape reflects a cool stoner vibe but it’s the songs like “Rotation” and “Mo’ Love” that capture the lyrical talent and passion that these guys put into this tape.

Check out the tape via Soundcloud, we’re definitely expecting big things from this group in 2015.

One Big Session is a three dimensional illusion of shapes and sounds that paint a day in the life of a true stoner. One Big Session brings an all new vantage point to what it means to be high. The best way to understand One Big Session is to hear it, truly listen to it and be open to experience a new stage in hip hop.

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